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Library Policies

Policies regarding the Evelyn S. Field Library.

Information Literacy Instruction Policy

It is the policy of the Evelyn S. Field Library that:

  • Classroom instructors must be present during information literacy instruction.
  • Information literacy instruction sessions must be requested at least two weeks prior to the requested dates.
  • Classroom instructors should contact the Instructional Services Librarian if they will be bringing classes into the building for research. (Or instructors may complete the request form and specify that the class will be conducting research in the library.) This does not reserve any physical space for the class.
  • Classroom instructors who sign up for information literacy instruction may also request one additional independent research session, during which the class may use the library classroom without librarian instruction. Requests for these sessions will be tentatively schedule until Week 4 of the semester, at which time the instructor will be notified that the date is confirmed.
  • Paralegal program faculty may request to use the library classroom to provide specialized legal research instruction, without a librarian present, provided that library reference materials are necessary for the instruction and the faculty member has prior approval from the Instructional Services Librarian or Library Director.

Note: The library classroom is not to be used as a computer lab for classes that do not meet the above requirements.

Revised May 2024 by Megan Dempsey