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Library Policies

Policies regarding the Evelyn S. Field Library.

Library Displays Policy

Library displays are created primarily to publicize the many and varied information resources available from the Evelyn S. Field Library, Raritan Valley Community College, and the local community, and to support the mission of the Library and the college.

Scope of Displays

Displays will focus on themes of interest to the college and the community. Whenever possible, displays will include relevant materials and resources owned by the Evelyn S. Field Library.

Display Policies

  • Displays created by the Library take priority over displays from other groups.
  • Campus individuals and groups may request to present displays in the Library or request that the Library create a display to complement a campus activity. All displays must be approved by the Library Director.
  • Outside organizations may request to present displays and will be accommodated on a limited basis. Requests from outside groups to present a display should be directed to the Library Director. Displays proposed by members of the college community will be given preference over displays from groups not associated with the college.
  • The Library reserves the right to reject any display or item for any reason.
  • Purely commercial use of the display spaces is prohibited.
  • The Library assumes no liability for items loaned to the Library by a group or individual for display.
  • Objections to any displays in the Library should be sent in writing to the Library Director. The nature of the objection will be evaluated in relation to policies articulated in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights with regards to Exhibit Spaces and Bulletin Boards. A decision will be communicated to the objector within 2 weeks. Objections to specific library materials on a library display should be submitted to the Library Director using the Reconsideration of Library Materials form on the library website.
  • No signs or promotional materials are to be hung on the walls in the library by individuals other than library staff with the exception of the designated “RVCC & Community Info” bulletin board near the Library entrance.


updated 5/17/2021