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2019 Nota Bene Honorees

Amal Alimov - Granite Love

Ryan Betz - Home of the Brave?

Nina Carlson - Gold-Plated

Emily DePalma - Settlers and Migration

Viriyah A.S. Hodges - Differences in Social Justice

Valeria Izeppi - Ethics Found in Our Food Choices

Michael Kane - Moral Default

Robert Kramer - To What Extent Does Man Owe Its Machines

Zanze Kuba - Raccoon Eyes

Jordan McDuffie - Slave for Life

Jaclyn Mishak - Women's Struggle for Identity in the Work of Sylvia Plath & Adrienne Rich

Michaela Niva - Dangers of Designer DNA: Will Homo Sapiens Become GMO's?

Julia Vroom - Power to the People: The Uprising of the World's Oppressed People in Literature and Pop Culture

For a Noteworthy Event - in particular, Nota Bene

Maeve Buganski

Emma Evelyn

Paola James

Emma McJury

Kristen Schuyler

Arlene Vasquez-Sanchez

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