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2024 Nota Bene honorees

Prof. Michael Bondhus

Naomi Leigh Hutchinson


Prof. Jessica Brent

Sarah Barsoum


Prof. Jessica Darkenwald-DeCola

Erssini (Kye) Reyes


Profs. Anna Keiserman & Will Berman

Anneliese (Ollie) Johnson
Sarah Stefaniak


Prof. Ji Yong Kim

Demetrios Gianakis


Prof. Melanie Lenahan

Stacey Hernandez


Prof. Andrew Manno

Lauren Nelson
Caitlin Tell

Prof. Darren McManus

Linda Fernandez
Jacqueline Shotyk
Stephanie Villanueva


Prof. Melanie Morris

David Garcia
Parker Lawton


Prof. Jamie Parmese

Lily Cherwinski
Toni Romani


Prof. Courtney Singleton

Lydia Barnes
Stephen Evarts
Josselyn Malespin
Autumn Phillips
Christine Worning


Prof. Beau Younker

Cheyenne Peterson-Gurak

Nota Bene organizers

Marcus Donegan - Event host
Sandra Faragalla - Fundraising, promotion and social media
Archita Gupta - Fundraising, promotion and social media
Erssini (Kye) Reyes - PowerPoint presentation
Jian Rodriguez - Event host
Emily Rosalli - Invitation and program design
Denisse Sanchez Tlanipa - Fundraising, promotion and social media
Elena Waddleton - Event prep, ushering, and clean up

About Nota Bene

Each year, Raritan Valley Community College honors students’ outstanding academic work at its annual Nota Bene event. This year, student work is displayed on our online exhibit site and students are being celebrated in person at our reception for honorees and their families.

Nota Bene celebrates the power of imagination by showcasing outstanding student work from across the curriculum. Nominated by faculty, student submissions include poetry and essay writing, scientific endeavors, musical and dance performances, and visual arts that celebrate creative expression.

Latin for "noteworthy,” Nota Bene acknowledges the creative strength and ingenuity that exists at Raritan Valley Community College.