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Nota Bene 2015

Jennifer Solomon - Who Am I?

Samantha Vena - Education: The Video Game

Emma Turton - The Cultures America Left Behind

Sandra Sanchez - Who Am I?

Julie DeShaso - I am Not Immune

Michael Sipos - Applications of Open Source Software

Michelle Frasco - AWAITING

Nicolette Cavallo - Who Am I?

Arts & Design

Justin Nagle - Tension (3D design)

Michael Valentine - Ruby Eyed Rex (3D design)

Ryan Farrell - Metroid (typography)

Rais Ahmed - Water Conservation (graphic design I)

John Marsigliano - The Hunt (3D design)

Jennifer Page - Organic (photography)

Shane Stokes - The Hunt (3D design)

Kirsten Helmer - Pots and Pans (painting I)

Frank Bitetto - Untitled #1 (ARTS 112)

Fiona McCormack - Gabby (acrylic oil painting)

Brittany Wade - Sequence (illustration)

Skyler Bertelsen - Return of the Dragon (figure drawing I)

Dorothy Sabbarese - Parts (2D design)

Savannah LoPrinzi - Untitled (ceramics I)

Michael Valentine - Quantized Image (color theory)

Heather Sisko - Portfolio for Internal Design (interiors)

Joanna Mantilla - The Eyes of My Life (drawing II)

Danielle Morgan - Ermine (ceramics IV)

Ryan Skistimas - Bezold Effect (color theory)

Guiliano Alano - Muchies (figure drawing I)