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2023 Nota Bene honorees

Prof. Michael Bondhus

Jacob Epstein
Elizabeth Zito

Prof. Ji Yong Kim

Annabella Garlinger
Sasha Yanicek

Prof. Lynne Kowski

Daisy Cifuentes
Alexandra Hernandez Mejia
Lorean Hofer
John Vargas Escobar

Prof. Melanie Lenahan

Emma Barrett
Denise N. Becerra
Miles Giambalvo

Prof. Thomas Makin

Kevin A. Perez

Prof. Darren McManus

Annabella Garlinger
Samantha Locandro
Stephanie Stokes

Prof. Jamie Parmese

Aaron Berry
Aleshia Kafer
Abbey Peterson

Prof. Courtney Singleton

Sabrina Fallas
Jayden Manasse
Jacob Rivera

Prof. Kathryn Suk

Ayla Carthy
Jenna Dolan
Emily Matos
Cristina E. Merino
Maritza Reyes-Jimenez
Madalyn Wowchuck

Nota Bene organizers

Sandra Faragalla
Max Kosempel
Lucia Robertiello
Eziz Shirbayev

About Nota Bene

Each year, Raritan Valley Community College honors students’ outstanding academic work at its annual Nota Bene event. This year, student work is displayed on our online exhibit site and students are being celebrated in person at our reception for honorees and their families.

Nota Bene celebrates the power of imagination by showcasing outstanding student work from across the curriculum. Nominated by faculty, student submissions include poetry and essay writing, scientific endeavors, musical and dance performances, and visual arts that celebrate creative expression.

Latin for "noteworthy,” Nota Bene acknowledges the creative strength and ingenuity that exists at Raritan Valley Community College.