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This guide is intended for students taking English Composition II (ENGL 112). If you are taking English Composition I (ENGL 111) or would like a review of what was learned during the library instruction portion of your English Composition I course, please visit the English Composition I guide

In this guide you will:

  • Review different types of sources, considering their intended audience and purpose
  • Recognize scholarly articles and how they are different from other sources
  • Identify gaps in your research and the type of information you still need to find
  • Use appropriate keywords and search strategies in library databases to find scholarly and other sources

English Composition II Video Series

If your instructor assigned the video series instead of the full course guide for English Composition II, go to the Video Series.

Online Assessment for English Composition II Information Literacy

Special instructions at the end of each section will direct you to answer questions on the assessment.