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Library Databases for Scholarly Articles

RVOneSearch is a library search tool that pulls in articles, books, ebooks, and streaming videos from the wide variety of separate databases the library subscribes to. It is a comprehensive search tool, but can also bring back an unmanageable number of results if your search terms are too broad.

Subject specific databases are smaller, more focused collections of information. Some are collections of news, magazine and scholarly journal articles. Some are collections of only ebooks. Some are collections of only streaming videos. Many databases only have publications for a specific discipline (subject area, like business or psychology). 

Searching a subject specific database can be more efficient because you will get fewer results, but they will be from journals related to your topic's subject. RVOneSearch is a good tool to use when you aren't sure what kind of journals would have useful studies for your research.


Try it now:

Use appropriate keywords to search either RVOneSearch or a subject specific database. Remember not to search for your entire research question or thesis statement. If you are completing the Online Assessment for Advanced Information Literacy, answer the questions on "Searching for Scholarly Articles" after you've tried a search in either RVOneSearch or a subject specific database.


RVOneSearch allows you to do one search to find books, audiobooks, eBooks, films, scholarly journal articles, newspapers & magazines. 

Limit Your Results

The following video demonstrates the basics of finding scholarly articles in RVOneSearch.

Subject specific databases

When thinking about your topic, consider which broad subject area it relates to (for example, Criminal Justice, or History, or Psychology). Select that subject from the drop down menu below. You can also go to the full list of scholarly article databases

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