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English Composition I

This guide will help you explore your topic and find the sources you need for your out-of-class research paper assignment.

Introduction to Information Literacy

This guide is the online version of the Introduction to Information Literacy sessions taught in the Library for English Composition I classes. You will learn how to:

  1. distinguish different source types based on the intended audience, type of information communicated, and purpose of the source
  2. write a good research question
  3. use strategic exploration of a topic to develop a good research question

Online Assessment for English Composition I Information Literacy 

Special instructions at the end of each section will direct you to answer questions on the assessment. 


The worksheet below is used in all face-to-face library instruction sessions for English Composition I. If your instructor told you to complete the worksheet, download it  to keep notes on what you learn and draft your own research question.