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English Composition II - ENGL 112

Research as Inquiry

Research is a process of inquiry. Inquiry is an investigation. Research is your investigation into a complex issue, compiling information from a wide variety of sources to develop your own answer to the question or solution to a problem. As you identify gaps in your knowledge or in the sources you find, you investigate those gaps to find more information and fully develop your thesis. 

This video explains the concept of research as inquiry and how your research may change directions as you pursue your investigation, identify gaps, and research further. 


Identify gaps in your research

Throughout the research process, you can continually identify gaps in your own knowledge of the topic and in the research you've found.

Ask yourself:

  • What aspects of your broad topic do you not know enough about yet?
  • What questions did you have as you were researching that you haven't answered yet?
  • What pieces of information do you still need to find?
  • Is there a gap in your research that can be filled with scholarly articles (research studies)?

Once you have identified these gaps, continue to research those specific information needs, finding new sources and ideas that help you understand your topic and answer your research question.

STOP and answer question 10 on the assessment.