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Digital Scholarship / Digital Humanities

Text encoding

  • Use of markup language to tag text in a way that is machine-readable.
  • TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) XML is an open source, widely-used text encoding schema.
    • HTML tells you what something looks like (i.e. a paragraph), TEI XML tells you what something is/is descriptive (i.e. whether something is speech and who the speaker is)
  • Examples of tags are person tag, quote tag, date tag - these will be highlighted in a TEI reader, allow user to click or hover to learn more
  • While this technique may be advanced, students can instead analyze existing examples




(TEI Archiving Publishing and Access Service); free platform hosted by Northeastern University:


Related resources

Editing XML is easier in a dedicated platform. Here are two options; one is free, and the other is the platform that officially supports the TEI.