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Digital Scholarship / Digital Humanities

Data visualization & analysis

  • Representation of data:
    • Is the purpose to accurately and clearly share date in a non-biased way?
    • Or is it trying to attract viewers and promote a certain perspective?
    • All representations are by their very nature not reality - how close can you get to the truth?
  • What questions could you answer with your data? What trends or relationships do you see?
  • Quantitative vs. qualitative analysis - do you just want to know what, or do you want to know why?
  • Data analysis is a desirable skill relevant to many fields and disciplines.
  • Students can either create visualizations themselves or analyze existing examples.


Check out this historically and culturally significant example of data visualization available at the Evelyn S. Field Library!

Tableau Public

Free platform to display visualizations; download open source software to work with data:

  • The only way to save the visualization is to upload to the public site, so don't use any private or sensitive data!
  • Unique terminology makes this tool challenging to use, but the website offers many examples that can be analyzed rather that creating them yourself.
  • Variety of visualization options and styles, including charts, graphs, maps, and much more!
  • How-to videos available here:

Tableau Public introductory video

This brief video introduces you to the platform and demonstrates how to upload and work with data to create a visualation, or "viz."


Additional options

These other free web-based platforms may be more accessible to your students