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Digital Scholarship / Digital Humanities

Multimodal online publishing

  • Unlike a traditional print book, online publications can incorporate links, videos, audio, annotations, and more!
  • Rather than requiring readers to progress linearly, online publications allow for jumping around or creating multiple paths
    • Can reveal connections in your content more difficult to see in a traditional format
  • Multimodal content presentation appeals to a wide range of readers/viewers and can convey information more effectively


Web-based platform hosted by USC (or on your own server)

  • Must request a registration key using a college email address by filling out contact form here:
  • Professors planning on using the platform with their class should also fill out the contact form to request keys for class members
  • Collaborators can work individually then combine their pages for a finished product
    • Can also do commenting or peer-review
  • Assemble media from multiple sources, including built-in importer for YouTube, Vimeo, Internet Archive, and more!
  • Robust users' guide available here:
  • Learn more here:

Scalar introductory video

The following short video provides a look at what is possible with Scalar, showing views of back end creation as well as finished products.