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Digital Scholarship / Digital Humanities

Digital exhibits

  • Upload files for curation and presentation of digital representations of physical objects, or born digital objects
  • Can display student work or task students with gathering and curating online materials
  • Collaborative effort to select, arrange, and describe objects
    • Think about what you want your exhibit to do and look like before you begin!
  • Importance of planning and shared understanding of arrangement and descriptive processes
  • Can illuminate connections between items using tags or organizational scheme



Omeka is a free web platform hosted by George Mason University:

  • Presentation platform for item-level description
  • Create 1 site with 500 MB of storage using limited themes and plug-ins
  • Multiple users can contribute to same website - levels of access allow instructor to oversee
  • Learn more here:
  • Self-hosted version allows for unlimited plug-ins and themes with size limits depending on your server tutorial videos

The following short videos describe creating an Omeka account and site, creating a collection, and adding items.