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Open Educational Resources

Information for RVCC faculty to explore and adopt OER.

Call for Proposals 2021-2022

The OER Steering Committee is seeking proposals for Faculty OER Grants for the 2021-2022 academic year. Grants are awarded to faculty to convert existing courses that require a textbook purchase to one that uses an open textbook, Open Educational Resources (OER), and/or other materials that are free for students. Faculty are strongly encouraged to adopt open textbooks or OER, those materials which are freely available under a creative commons license making them easy to share, download, and print. Faculty may also adopt other free-to-student materials that are not openly licensed as long as the materials are easily accessible to students, including copyrighted online materials and library electronic resources. 

In light of the current situation in which students may struggle with reliable internet or access to a device, adoption of open textbooks and OER are preferred because these materials are typically able to be downloaded in their entirety for students to use offline. Students can choose to print open materials in whatever manner is available to them. Students can also choose to purchase printed open textbooks (OpenStax textbooks, for example) for significantly less than typical commercial textbooks. There are no limits on how much content can be  downloaded or printed, as there usually are with commercial e-textbooks. We encourage faculty to keep these advantages in mind as they consider which materials to adopt in lieu of their current textbook.  

If you have not explored available OER for your course, it is recommended that you do so before beginning your proposal so you have an understanding of what is available. Visit or contact Megan Dempsey to get started.  

Proposals which adopt primarily free resources but for which a minimal purchase may still be required (for example, of a digital access code for homework manager or inexpensive print supplemental material) will be considered for the Level 1 Adopt Grant ($500).  

If proposals exceed funding, preference will be given to proposals that: 

  • Impact multiple sections and a substantial number of students 

  • Convert general education courses or program requirements to fully z-courses (zero-textbook costs) 

  • Have not already received an OER grant (see the list of previous courses approved at  

If you would like to speak with a faculty member who has completed an OER project, contact: 

David Chase (English)                                         

Brian Donnelly (Criminal Justice) 

Bill Klinger (Business)                                         

Pascal Meier (Chemistry)  

Linda Romaine (Health Science)                         

Kathy Suk (Education)Page Break 

Three levels of grant are available: 

Level 3 grant: All-section adoption - $1,500 per faculty member. Maximum grant per course is $3,000, which may be divided among multiple faculty members.  

This grant is for faculty to adopt an existing open textbook or curate existing OER/free-to-student resources and create supplemental resources to support adjunct and other full-time faculty teaching a multi-section OER course. Proposers commit that all sections of the course will run as z-courses by the semester following initial implementation (i.e. the semester of initial implementation may be a “pilot” semester with guaranteed roll-out to all sections by the following semester). 

Level 2: Adapt/Curate and Share - $1,000   Recipients of this grant commit to share all adopted/adapted/curated resources to a repository that is accessible to other faculty (e.g. Canvas Commons, library course guide, OpenNJ, etc.)  The grant supports faculty to:  

  • Adopt an existing open textbook and create supplemental content to replace publisher-provided resources.  

  • Significantly modify an existing open textbook or re-mix more than one open textbook to meet course learning outcomes. 

  • Curate resources from a variety of open and/or free-to-student resources because an appropriate open textbook does not exist.  

Level 1: Adopt - $500    This grant is for faculty to do one of the following: 

  • Adopt an existing open textbook or OER in place of the current textbook for a single section or for a course that has all section taught by the same faculty member 

  • Adopt an open textbook in lieu of current text but still require additional purchase of other material (online homework manager, additional commercial textbook, etc) 

  • Adopt an open textbook or OER for a course that has already received an OER grant (see the full list at   

Priority deadline for proposals is April 25, 2021, and acceptances will be communicated by the OER Steering Committee shortly after. If funds remain, a second CFP will be announced.  

Submit proposals online at Please direct questions about available OER, the grants, or the application process to Megan Dempsey,

We are grateful to the RVCC Foundation for their ongoing role in securing donations to support this initiative.