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Remix Chapters to Create Your Own Textbook

If a complete open textbook does not exist to meet your course needs, you may be able to create an open textbook relatively easily by re-mixing chapters from two or more open textbooks. Because an open textbook can be modified without copyright restrictions, you are free to pick and choose what parts of an open textbook you want to use and combine them with other open textbook chapters or resources in whatever manner you see fit. 

The Business Law II open textbook used by RVCC instructors is an example of a remixed textbook. Rather than progressing linearly through an existing open textbook, the faculty member selected the chapters from available open textbooks that are most relevant to the content taught in the class. The individual chapters are then added as Materials to the Timeline in WebStudy according to when the readings are assigned throughout the semester. The Library also created a guide with the chapter files so that students would have access to the chapters without logging in to WebStudy. 

Business Law II Open Textbook