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Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action

A research guide for the Honors in Action project completed by members of Phi Theta Kappa.

Socioeconomics of play

(John, Bernie, Bianca)

Theme 2: Economics of play - What are the financial, physical, and psychological costs and benefits of play?

Research question: Socioeconomics plays a large factor in play. How does the cost of “play” influence who has access to play? How does access then shape our society? How does race play a role in finding good outlets of play to ease the mind?


  • Search the Internet, use Wikipedia, or utilize one of the library's Research Starter databases to learn more about your topic and look for synonyms and related terms to use in your searches ("Pre-research").
  • To target government websites (for statistics or government-funded studies), add to your Google search.
  • Try the Directory of Open Access Journals for peer-reviewed articles freely available online:
  • If RVCC does not have access to full text of a needed article, use Interlibrary Loan to get it. Ask Janelle or another librarian if you need help.


Potential keywords

access equity participation
achievement ethnicity pay-to-play
activity exclusion play
affluence expensive preference
affordable extracurricular price
arts facilities program
barrier financial race
benefit hobby recreation
budget inclusion role
club income rural
cognitive independence safety
competitive individual scouts
cost inequity self-reliance
culture learning "socioeconomic status"
development lesson sports
diversity music team
economic norms urban
engaged opportunity value
equipment outcome  


Recommended Databases

Depending on the topic you choose, these databases may provide targeted access to relevant resources. Also try multidisciplinary databases listed on our databases page, or RVOneSearch on the library homepage, which searches most databases at once.