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Student guide to Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Exam proctoring

Your professor may use Zoom to proctor an exam--what does this mean and why would they do it?

  • Zoom proctoring is a way for your professor to see you while you are taking an exam. This is done to prevent cheating, similar to the way a professor would walk around the classroom at look at each student while they work.
  • Any kind of proctoring for online exams is done to ensure that all students' grades accurately reflect their knowledge. Many four-year colleges and universities require community colleges to provide proof that online exams were proctored to ensure a transfer student's grades are a true representation of their understanding.

How does it work?

Each professor will have slightly different requirements for proctoring online exams. Here are some general explanations of what your exam may be like, but please contact your professor for specifics.


  • Students need two devices: mobile phone and desktop computer (or laptop).
  • Students need two apps: Zoom and a PDF Scanner (see details below).
  • Students need internet access to Canvas; and a printer (optional).
  • Students will sign into Zoom session using mobile phone. Mobile phone camera should point sideways so that student, desktop computer and desk surface are in the view.


  • Students download and open the exam on Canvas from desktop computer/laptop. 
  • Students may need to leave their station to pick up the printed exam from their printer.
    • Faculty may want students to message them privately in the chat.
    • Students may step away only at the beginning of the exam session. 
  • Students may need to write answers on a separate sheet of paper if they do not have access to a printer.
  • Students' work on the exam will be monitored through Zoom.
    • Faculty may record the session, so that if there is unusual movement, they are able to review it.


  • Once finished, students will scan the exam and upload it on Canvas.
  • Submissions should be made while the student is still in the Zoom exam room.
    • Students may not submit after they have left the session.

Scanning apps

If you know you have an upcoming exam where you will have to use a scanning app, find a way to practice using it! Your professor may give you an assignment where you can practice it. They may or may not require or recommend a certain app, so please be sure to speak with them if you are unsure.

The following scanning apps are free and are available for iPhone and Android. Download them to your phone by using the Apple Store or Google Play Store.


The video below shows how to use Adobe Scan and Canvas to submit an assignment. You should be able to submit an exam the same way.

This video shows the same process, but with CamScanner.