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Student guide to Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom backgrounds are an important feature to help users maintain privacy. A virtual background replaces what the camera sees behind you with an image of your choice. You can upload your own image or select from options provided by Zoom. The camera is able to determine where you are and will do a pretty good job of showing only you and nothing else!

Important: In order to use Virtual Backgrounds, your computer or mobile device must meet the system requirements. Click on the link below to determine whether you can use a Zoom background:


The video below describes how to set up a virtual background. To turn off Closed Captioning, click the CC icon. To change the Closed Captioning to English, click on the gear icon to the right of the CC icon.


Please use the link below to find more details about Zoom backgrounds:

Breakout Rooms

Your professor may use Zoom's Breakout Rooms feature during class time to allow you and a few classmates to participate in group work. There is very little that you will have to do to join a room! Your professor will assign you to a group and send you the popup to get you started, which will connect you with the other members of your group. When group work time is over, your professor will bring you back into the main room.

It is important to note that if you joined the Zoom meeting using a Chromebook, you will be unable to join Breakout Rooms. As an alternative, your professor can use the main room as an alternative session for you and any other classmates using a Chromebook. Please let your professor know in advance if this is the case.