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Intro to Zoom

  • What is Zoom? Zoom is a software platform used for video conferencing that allows all people who are logged into the same meeting to see and communicate with each other in real time, much like you would in a classroom.
  • What else can Zoom be used for? Zoom is also widely used for webinars, where a single presenter does the majority of the speaking, and others may or may not be able to communicate directly with them.
  • Is Zoom free? RVCC recently purchased a campus site license, which is free to use for all students, faculty, and staff.
  • Doesn't Zoom have security issues? The company responded to criticism in spring 2020 by updating their software and turning on meeting passwords by default, preventing uninvited users from entering.


Setting up your Zoom account

  • Go to
  • Click on "Sign In" and use your and password to log in and create an account.
  • You now need to download the Zoom client software onto your device in order to attend future class meetings. Return to the page linked above and click on "Download Client." It will download the appropriate version for your device (PC or Mac desktop/laptop, iPhone, Android phone).


Additional Zoom training and tutorials