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Information Literacy Instruction

We are piloting a new request system that enables you to see available times for instruction. Please use the link below to access to instruction request booking page. Contact Megan Dempsey if you have any problems using the request system!

English Composition ILI 

ENGL 111 and ENGL 112 can choose in-person ILI or can choose to assign students to complete the appropriate course guide/video series and assessment. Use the links below to inform us how you would like your ILI to be delivered.

Assigning Course Guides or Info Lit Video Series

The ENGL 111 and 112 Course Guides or Video Series can be assigned to students prior to an in-person information literacy instruction session, in lieu of in-person instruction when necessary, or after an in-person session as a refresher. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule the class?

  • at least two weeks in advance
  • English Composition classes cannot be scheduled in the first two week of the semester

How should my students prepare for instruction?

  • ​Students should have chosen their research topics.

Do I need to come to the class too?

  • ​Yes. It is the policy of the library that course instructors be present during information literacy instruction.

What is your policy for Information Literacy Instruction?

Who do I contact with questions?