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Laptop Lending Policy & Procedures

Laptop Lending Policy

It is the policy of the Library to loan laptop computers to all eligible RVCC students, faculty and staff:

  • Eligible students, faculty, and staff include all those with a clear library record (no fees or fines) who can present an RVCC ID. No exceptions.
  • Laptop computers are loaned out in 3 hour intervals. One renewal for an additional 3 hours is allowed if no one else is waiting to use one.
  • Laptops returned late are subject to a $15.00 hourly, overdue charge.
  • Laptops not returned within 2 hours of the time due are subject to replacement costs ($700.00) and a processing fee of $5.00.
  • Borrower is responsible for the laptop and all of its parts, including repair costs and replacement, if necessary ($700).
  • If the laptop is left unattended and is damaged or stolen, the borrower is responsible for repair / replacement costs.
  • Laptops must be kept in the library at all times.
  • One laptop per user can be borrowed.
  • Laptops cannot be placed on reserve or be placed on hold.

Procedures / Use

  1. Come to the Check Out Desk in the library.
  2. Present your RVCC ID. No exceptions.
  3. If your library account is clear a laptop will be checked out on your library account for 3 hours. You are responsible for:
  • the laptop and all its parts (battery, DVD/CD ROM)
  • the power cord
  1. Do not leave laptop unattended while it is checked out.
  2. When finished, or after 3 hours, return the laptop to an employee at the Check Out Desk. Do not leave laptop on the counter.

We ask that you keep beverages away from the laptops. Remember, you are responsible for any and all damage done to the laptop while it is checked out to you.