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Resources for Student Parents

Students who are parents can take advantage of resources and services at the Library to support your studies. Your children are also welcome in our library!

Children's book at the RVCC Library

We have award winning children's books that can be checked out or read in the library

Browse the PZ call number section on the Library's 2nd floor.

Student Group Study Rooms

Although priority is given to groups of 2 or more and scheduled student reservations, the Library's Group Study Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis when not reserved by students.

Check the reservation schedule posted outside the study rooms. If a room is vacant and not reserved, if you are a student, you and your child(ren) are welcome to use it! 

Computers and headphones

All of our computers can take headphones, so if you're child wants to watch videos or play games while you study, you can set them up to do so. The Check Out Desk has headphones available for use while in the library. We also have a collection of DVDs on the first floor that include family-friendly films.

Activity bags

Ask at the Check Out Desk for the children's activity bags! We've put together assortments of blocks, art supplies, small toys and more to keep your child occupied in a screen-free manner, if that's your preference. 

Other campus resources for student parents