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Social Policy and Politics - HMNS 207 - Gutshall-Seidman

Evaluating a Policy

You will probably need to look at several different sources to evaluate the policy you selected. As you read, watch for clues about where else to go for more information. From one source, follow links to additional sources in order to go beyond the top results in a Google search. Watch for clues about who opposes the policy and search for more information about that group/organization and their statements on the policy. 

Google Advanced Search

Conduct your normal Google search, then select the Settings option, and Advanced Search. Look for the option to narrow your results by site or domain and enter .org. This will retrieve only sites that have a .org url, limiting your search to mostly recognized organizations (although you should still evaluate these sites for credibility, accuracy, and bias).


Instead of Google, try this search engine which does not track your search history. You may find sites that Google would not present to you because they are counter to your normal search habits or preferences.

Places to search for information to help you evaluate a policy:

(Hein Online also contains evaluative documents)