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Social Policy and Politics - HMNS 207 - Gutshall-Seidman

Finding Government Information

Many government policies and regulations can be found on the Internet. Use a search tool targeted to find government information to ensure that you are getting the most accurate, reliable sources.

This website provides government information drawn from federal, state, local, tribal and territorial government sites. You can search across government websites, including those that may not end in .gov. The site can also be browsed by subject area.

The content on this site is geared towards the general public to inform them of government-related issues. The actual content you find on may not be the official policy. However, summary pages related to policies and regulations typically include a link to the official legislation, regulation, statute, etc. For example, the page shown below is's page on Commonly Requested U.S. Laws and Regulations. The red box shows a link to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Although this page is not the act itself, you can get to the act by following the link.

Commonly requested laws