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Indigenous North America - ANTH203

Precolonial Culture

Research tips

  • Try searching for museums in additional to archaeology. Many museums contain artifacts, but they might not come up in an internet search if you search for archaeology.
  • On museum websites, artifacts may be arranged by culture area (for example: Northeast, Southwest, Northwest Coast). Try searching for that if a search for your tribe or nation isn't finding anything.
  • You may be able to find site reports for archaeological sites that describe the artifacts. If not, look for an explanation on the website where you found the artifact (like a museum or archive),
    • Library databases, especially JSTOR, may contain site reports.
    • Search for site reports based on geographical region (like a US state) or the name of the site. Site names may be shared alongside artifacts.
    • You can also look for site names by searching the internet for something like "in what archaeological sites have [your tribe/nation] artifacts been found" and reading through some of the results.

Lists of site names:

Archaeological, Museum, and Park sites

Many of these websites are not overseen by Indigenous peoples. However, the archaeological materials themselves are directly tied to Indigenous nations or tribes. These are just a few ideas for places you could search. Universities, colleges, museums, and archives are other types of institutions that may provide digital access to resources you need for this assignment. Indigenous websites may also provide information and resources.


Sites run by or in affiliation with Indigenous groups


Inuit Nunangat


















Pawnee or Crow