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Adaptive Services

Services for Users with Disabilities:

Physical Access

The Library has an automatic entrance/exit door. Elevator access to the second floor of the Library is also available. Wheelchair accessible work stations are located on both floors. 

Library staff will assist with the retrieval of books and in the use of electronic resources and available adaptive technology. However, patrons are encouraged to schedule a library visit in advance. Assistance will vary depending on staff availability. Schedules can be arranged through Chad Peters at 908-526-1200 x8224

Adaptive Technology

A. Available Software

a. Zoom Text is an application program that enlarges computer screen text. All Library computers contain Zoom Text screen magnification software.

b. Windows "Ease of Access Center" is where you can find the text magnifier, narrator, on-screen keyboard, and speech recognition tools.

To access these tools, look for the "Ease of Access Icon" or click Start - All programs - Accessories, then go to the Ease of Access folder.

B. Hardware

a. 1 CCTV-(closed-circuit television) One Telesensory Aladdin Apex 20 inches device that magnifies text or photos in magazines and books up to 52X.

Standard 12 pt. newspaper print can be enlarged up to 4 inches.

b. 1 Big Keys Keyboard that is easier to use than a standard keyboard.

Additional Resources

For information about non-library services, visit the RVCC Disability Services Department located in the College Center, Suite 143.