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Accessibility Services at Evelyn S. Field Library

Adaptive Technology


Windows "Ease of Access Center" is available on every computer in the Library. It provides a text magnifier, narrator, on-screen keyboard, and speech recognition tools. To access these tools: 

  • Click the Windows start menu in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Click the gear icon for Settings.
  • Click "Ease of Access"

Ease of Access screenshots


View this video for more information on using Windows "Ease of Access":



RVCC offers a text-to-speech reader for Canvas, which is available to every student!


View this video to learn how to find the tool:


View this video showing quizzes being read:


The Library has these resources available for anyone to use:

  • Big Keys Keyboard: ask for this at the Check-Out Desk.
  • ScannX Book ScanCenter: this is located on the first floor of the library, on the right, about 10 feet from the entrance. It provides:
    • Text-to-speech. This saves the words in a text-based document as an audio file that can be listened to. Save your scan as an MP3.
    • Optical Character Recognition. This makes the words in a text-based document searchable. Save your scan as a Searchable PDF.
ScannX Book ScanCenter settings screen

ScannX Book ScanCenter settings screen


  • Telesensory Aladdin Apex (20 inches) that magnifies text or photos up to 52 times: this is located on the first floor of the library, in the back near the Paul Robeson Institute, L106. Feel free to use it yourself, or ask for help at either the Check-Out Desk or Reference Desk.


Telesensory Aladdin Apex

Telesensory Aladdin Apex