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World Religions final paper

Write a 10-page critical essay about a religion of the world. You will research this religion using personal interviews and scholarly articles. You can supplement the info from scholarly articles using books and eBooks from the RVCC Library. This research guide will focus on finding scholarly articles in library databases. Please include the following in your paper:

  • Critically and objectively draw conclusions about how this religion is lived out by people who practice it.
  • Compare how the tradition is presented across the different mediums (interviews vs. scholarly articles).
  • Discuss the ideologies and rituals of the religion.
  • Address sacred times, spaces, and artifacts (texts, art, tools, etc.).
  • Reflect on the values, norms, sanctions and language associated with the religion.


General objectives for this guide

  • Develop effective keywords based on exploration in research starters and library books
  • Understand the structure and purpose of scholarly articles
  • Locate scholarly articles in the library databases using specific keywords and search techniques

How to use this guide

The pages of this guide will walk you through the steps of doing research for scholarly articles on world religions and help you understand what scholarly articles are and how to use them. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom to navigate between pages. You can also use the gray tabs to jump between pages.