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Is this article worth it?

The decision-making flowchart will help you decide if you should read an article you've found through your research.

flowchart for deciding if and how to read a scientific article

"Decision-making flowchart to decide whether to read the chosen article or not" attributed to Subramanyam R. (2013). Art of reading a journal article: Methodically and effectively. Journal of oral and maxillofacial pathology : JOMFP17(1), 65-70.

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How should I read this?

Kevin Boehnke from the University of Michigan explains how he approaches scientific papers:

"I always start with title and abstract. That tells me whether or not it’s an article I’m interested in and whether I’ll actually be able to understand it—both scientifically and linguistically. I then read the introduction so that I can understand the question being framed, and jump right to the figures and tables so I can get a feel for the data. I then read the discussion to get an idea of how the paper fits into the general body of knowledge."

How to (seriously) read a scientific paper

From Science magazine