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World Civilization I - HIST101 - Primary Sources

Primary sources available in the library or on the Internet relevant to World Civilizations up to about 1500

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Arabs and Empires before Islam

Illuminates the history of the Arabs before the emergence of Islam, collating nearly two hundred and fifty translated extracts from an extensive array of ancient sources. Drawn from a broad period between the eighth century BC and the Middle Ages, the volume provides a comprehensive, wide-ranging, and up-to-date examination of what ancient sources had to say about the politics, culture, and religion of the Arabs in the pre-Islamic period.

The Chronicle of Ibn Al-Athir for the Crusading Period from Al-Kamil Fi'l-Ta'rikh. Part 1

The Chronicle of Ibn al-Athir (1160-1233AD), entitled 'al-Kamil fi'l-Ta'rikh', is one of the outstanding sources for the history of the mediaeval world. It covers the whole sweep of Islamic history almost up to the death of its author and, with the sources available to him, he attempted to embrace the widest geographical spread; events in Iraq, Iran and further East run in counterpoint with those involving North Africa and Spain. From the time of the arrival of the Crusaders in the Levant, their activities and the Muslim response become the focus of the work.

Islam in the Indian Ocean world : a brief history with documents

This volume provides an understanding of how Islam changed the Indian Ocean world and vice versa — a world historical lesson that stretches across several centuries and a vast ocean. The opening section provides introductory information, and the second section called "The Documents" includes primary source material spanning from the 7th century to the 20th. .

Treasures from an ancient land: the art of Jordan

Catalog of an exhibition of ancient and modern art from Jordan. Leading art scholars offer a comprehensive exploration of Jordan's history and archaeology, and the development and variety of its art forms.

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