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World Civilization I - HIST101 - Primary Sources

Primary sources available in the library or on the Internet relevant to World Civilizations up to about 1500

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eBooks on this list are only available to RVCC students, faculty, and staff and require a login with your G# and password.

The ancient world (2700 B.C.E.--c.500 C.E.)

This volume provides in-depth analysis of important primary documents from B.C.E. and C.E. Written by historians and experts in the field, this resource examines a wide array of primary source documents with an in-depth critical analysis of the following topics: The Fall of Rome, the Barbarian Invasion, and the Ancient Huns; Ancient Egypt: the religion and culture; The daily life and culture of Sumeria, Ancient Babylonia, the Huns, Ancient Ethiopians, and the Ancient Mayans; The culture, religion, and law of Ancient Rome; The Military and Government war efforts (eBook). Is also available as a reference book (Reference books must be used in the library).

The human record : sources of global history

V.1 - to 1500 -- V.2 - Since 1500.
THE HUMAN RECORD is the leading primary source reader for the World History course, providing balanced coverage of the global past. Each volume contains a blend of visual and textual sources which are often paired or grouped together for comparison.

Inquiry into the rise and growth of the royal prerogative in England and an inquiry into the life and character of King Eadwig

Originally published in 1849, this work details the author's knowledge and criticisms of monarchic power through England's history.

The Middle Ages (476-1500)

Provides in-depth analysis of primary documents surrounding the most important historical events and key figures from the Middle Ages (eBook). Is also available as a reference book (Reference books must be used in the library).

Milestone documents in world history : exploring the primary sources that shaped the world

v. 1. 2350 BCE-1058 CE -- v. 2. 1082-1833 -- v. 3. 1839-1941 -- v. 4. 1942-2000.
Key documents from all important world cultures are included, from the ancient Near East and ancient Egypt to the Greek and Roman Empires, medieval Islam, Renaissance Europe, and modern Africa and Asia. Constitutions, speeches, letters, acts, treaties, and legal cases are all covered (eBook). Also available as a Reference book (Reference books must be used in the library).

The wisdom of conservatism

An anthology of primary source writings on the topic of conservatism from individuals like Aristotle, Machiavelli, Alexis de Tocqueville, Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, C. S. Lewis, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and many more.

World History in Documents

Covers key events that have altered world history and promotes the ability to study history with primary sources and the ability to compare aspects of major societies (Reference books must be used in the library).

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