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Canvas and Library Integration

Information about how to easily include library resources in your Canvas course shell.

Importing Library Content from Canvas Commons

Use Canvas Commons to find and import content created by the RVCC Librarians. Available content includes quizzes for our Information Literacy I and II learning outcomes (to accompany the English Composition I and II course guides). 

  1. Log in to Canvas and go to Canvas Commons from the Canvas navigation menu.
  2. From within Canvas Commons, click the Filter button.
  3. Under "Shared with," select Raritan Valley Community College.
  4. Using the search box, search for "library" or "information literacy."
  5. Find the content you would like to include and click the title to see more details. 
  6. Click the Import/Download button and select the course in which you would like to import the content. Click Import into course and follow any additional prompts to complete the import process.
  7. When the import process is complete, the content will appear in your Canvas course under the corresponding content area. For example, if you import a Quiz, you will find it by going to the Quizzes section in your Canvas course. The content can be added to a module in the same manner you would add content you created within the course itself. 

Quiz and assignment settings can be modified to suit your course once the content has been imported. For example, information literacy quizzes will import as graded quizzes with a 100 point grading scale. You can navigate to the quiz in your course, click Edit, and modify the points, type of quiz, and any additional settings.

Important! You should add any quizzes or assignments that you import to the appropriate Assignment Group for your course so that it is weighted appropriately according to your course's grading system.