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Canvas and Library Integration

Information about how to easily include library resources in your Canvas course shell.

LibApps Library Content as External Tool in a Module

This method is most effective for including entire LibGuides from the Library website as part of a Canvas Module. The Library content will be added as its own element in the list of Module elements.

  1. From the Module in which the Library content should appear, click the plus sign icon to add a new element. Picture of a plus symbol which you will see in the module.  Click it to add a new element.
  2. Next to "Add," select "External Tool"
  3. Select LibApps Library Content from the list. The options screen will appear.
  4. Under "LibGuides Site," select "Evelyn S. Field Library -"
  5. Under "Content Type." select the content you want to include. (See the list of Terms if you are unsure of content types.)
  6. Continue selecting options as prompted to specify the content to include. If you do not know what to select beyond this point, contact a librarian for assistance.
  7. After you select the last option, the options screen will disappear and return you to the external tool list. Click "Add Item."
  8. The name of the content as it appears on the Library website will appear as a Module element. To change the name of the element, click the options icon (three vertical dots) on the element, then click Edit. Now you can change the name as it appears in Canvas and indent the element as needed. Do not change the URL. 
  9. Be sure to Publish the element or the entire Module so it will be visible to students. 

LibApps Library Content Using Text Editor

By using the text editor to incorporate LibApps Library Content, you can combine content from the Library website with anything else you would normally input in the text editor: text, images, other external tools, videos, etc.

This method can be used on Canvas Pages and Canvas Assignments.

  1. Open the Page or Assignment that will include the Library Content in edit mode.
  2. In the text editor box, place your cursor where you want the Library Content to appear.
  3. Go to Tools > Apps > View all
  4. Select LibApps Library Content from the list of app options.
  5. In the configuration box that opens, under "LibGuides Site," select "Evelyn S. Field Library -"
  6. Under "Content Type," select the content you want to include. (See the list of Terms if you are unsure of content types.)
  7. Continue making selections as needed for the content type you selected. If you do not know what to select beyond this point, contact a librarian for assistance
  8. Click Embed Content and the content you selected will appear in the text editor. When you save the page, the Library website content will flow with any other text or content you have added in the text editor. Depending on the length of the content you included, a vertical scroll bar may appear which allows you to scroll through the Library content without scrolling the Canvas page. **Note - if you end up with several scroll bars throughout the page, you may prefer to add the content as an External Tool in the Module. 

Add Library Content to Course Navigation with Redirect Tool

The Redirect Tool is used to add an external link to your course navigation. Use this tool to provide your students with quick, consistent access to:

  • a specific Library database
  • the full list of Library databases
  • any page on the Library website (for example, our Help or Works Cited page)
  • the Library's Books & Media search (catalog)