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How do you evaluate sources?

How do you know a source is appropriate for a speech at the college level? Using info from the video above and skills you already have, think about the following questions:

  1. How can you tell if an information source is AUTHORITATIVE?
  2. How do you know that the information on a website is ACCURATE?
  3. Where can you find out the PURPOSE of a website?
  4. How do you determine if an information source is RELEVANT to your needs?
  5. What is a good website YOU have used for research? (not necessarily for this assignment) (Also, not Google!)

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Evaluating online sources

The following video discusses the idea of lateral reading, or moving horizontally off of a webpage onto other webpages (instead of moving vertically up and down the page), to learn more about the publisher or source. This technique can help you determine whether a page is trustworthy and appropriate for research.