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Megan Dempsey, Instructional Services Librarian

Professional profile, online research consultations, and more information about Megan, Professor, MSLIS, MA

Conference Presentations 2017 - Present

Conference Presentations, 2010-2016

  • Weiner, N., DaCosta, J. & Dempsey, M. (2010). The Survey Says…Results of the VALE SIL Information Literacy Survey. Presented at 11th Annual VALE/NJ ACRL/NJLA CUS, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.
  • Bloom, B. & Dempsey, M. (2011, January). Connecting with the Curricula: Infusing Information Literacy in Classroom Content.  Presentation at 12th VALE/NJ ACRL/NJLA CUS Annual Users’ Conference, Rutgers.
  • Dempsey, M., Darkenwald-Decola, J., and Peterson, N. (2012, April). Information Literacy Inside: Bringing the Research Experience to Students in a Correctional Facility. Lightening Talk presented at ACRL Virtual Institute. Available at
  • Morris, M. & Dempsey, M.  (2012). HiTech Curious to TechnoSavvy: Technology Training by Faculty for Faculty. Presented at Innovations 2012, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Dempsey, M., Valenti, A., Fritz, J.M., and Montet, M. (2012, May). Creative collaborations: Faculty and librarian partnerships to improve student success. Presented at 2013 Faculty of the Future Conference. Bucks County Community College, PA.
  • Dempsey, M. (2013, January). Easy and Effective Classroom Management for Everyone. Presented at 14th Annual VALE / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Users' Conference. Rutgers.
  • Dempsey, M. (2013, January). The Value of Learning Objectives for Librarians and Users. Poster presented at 14th Annual VALE / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Users' Conference. Rutgers.
  • Dempsey, M. & Valenti, A. (2012, September). buILd their skILls: Assignments and Assessments to Encourage Information Literacy. Presented at RVCC Faculty Development. Prezi available at
  • Dempsey, M. (2014, August). Engaging F2F and Online Learners with Information Literacy Learning Objects. Presented at Engaging Learners in the 21st Century. Mercer County Community College.
  • Dempsey, M.  (2014, January). Consistency in Your Corner: A Common Handout for Information Literacy Instruction. Poster presented at 15th Annual VALE / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Users' Conference. Rutgers.
  • Dempsey, M. (2014). More Than a Jester: Dorothy Parker’s Use of the Magazine Market for Social Criticism. Presented at Student Research Symposium. Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ.
  • Dempsey, M. and Valenti, A. (2015). Student Use of Limiters and Keywords in Web-Scale Discovery Searching. 2015 NJLA Annual Conference. Long Branch, NJ.
  • Dempsey, M., Valenti, A., Piekart, A. (2015). On the EDGE of Their Seats: How to Give Amazing Presentations. 2015 NJLA Annual Conference. Long Branch, NJ.
  • Dempsey, M. (2015). How to Host an Edible Books Festival. Poster presented at 2015 NJLA Annual Conference. Long Branch, NJ.
  • Dempsey, M. (2015). The Art of Engagement: Gathering the tools for one-shot masterpieces. Conference Workshop presented at SUNYLA 2015: The Art of Librarianship, Purchase College, June 5, 2015.
  • Dempsey, M. (2016). Controlled chaos: Energizing your instruction with active learning. Break-out session presented at VALE / NJ ACRL / NJLA CUS Seventeenth Annual Users' Conference, Rutgers University.