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Education Field Experience - EDUC230

Preparing for your Teaching Career

What do you remember learning about research when you were in school? Here are some common misunderstandings:

  • "Never use Wikipedia for anything."
    • Librarians do not agree with this! It is correct that you should not cite Wikipedia, but it is a fine starting point to learn the basics of a topic, find new terms to use as keywords, and follow citations to reliable sources. 
  • ".org websites are a safe choice for sources."
    • This is not correct! Only the domains .gov and .edu are reserved for particular types of organizations. Anyone can create a .org website, so it should be evaluated like you would any other website.

What is information literacy?

  • Can identify an information need and identify gaps in own knowledge
  • Identifies potential sources for information; searches and retrieves needed information
  • Evaluates information for relevance, authority, accuracy, and point-of-view/bias
  • Use appropriate information for the specific need
  • Use information ethically