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How to use this guide

This course guide has two purposes: to prepare you for your career as a teacher, and to help you find outside sources to support the reflection in your observation reports. The gray tabs will take you to pages with information on different topics. You can also use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottoms of the pages to move between them.

Observation Reports

You will complete six (6) formal observations during this course. You may choose to submit these observation reports in any sequence as long as all six (6) are submitted by the final portfolio submission time. The reports will cover the following topics: classroom management and routines, the four domains of the child, and instruction.

Since all observation reports must include research-based ideas and practices, you should explore and gather resources that will allow you to professionally complete the report before your observation.

Citations used to support the sections below should be in APA format.


Report sections that require research/outside sources

Section IV: Pre-Observation

  • Outline prior information or experiences that support your upcoming observation on the given topic. This should include earlier observations, prior or current academic experiences/content, and/or additional research that you’ve done on the topic.

Section VI: Analysis

  • Reflect on what you observed; write what you think about what you saw/experienced. Include research-based ideas/practices from the Pre-observation section and beyond to support your thinking.

Section VII: Recommendations

  • Provide suggestions for how you would change things if you were the educator making decisions about this topic in this classroom. Include research-based ideas/practices from the Pre-Observation and beyond to support your thinking.

Section VIII: Post-Observation

  • Reflect on what you learned during the observation and how it connects or extends to your pre-observation learning/experiences. Connect to the resources that you included for the Pre-Observation section and other resources, where appropriate