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Education Field Experience - EDUC230

Library Research

Two important differences between searching on the internet and researching in library databases are:

  • Keywords! Rather than typing in a whole question, pull out the most important terms and use those to search. The more specific you can be, the better, so consider using language from your assignment or textbook. You can also start with a broad search on the internet to learn more and find additional terms.
  • Free academic resources! Many scholarly and professional articles are not available for free online, so you may be asked to pay or wind up choosing something that is not intended for academic research. Library databases are full of scholarly and professional articles that are free to you as RVCC students.

Library databases

Library databases group related resources together to make your life easier. That means a search for "cognitive development" in these education databases won't find articles about chimpanzees! Think of it as another filter to help narrow your results.


See more of our recommended databases for Education here: