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Racism and Social Injustice Resources

Resources surrounding the issues of racial inequality, social injustice, the Black Lives Matter movement and racism.


The episode above features a discussion with Bijan Bayne, social commentator and author of the book Elgin Baylor: The Man Who Changed Basketball to talk about the NFL, the new anthem polcy, and the unholy mess created by unaccountable billionaires

In the episode above, DeRay Mckesson stopped by to talk about his transformation from educator to fighting full time for social justice in this digital age.  #BlackLivesMatter

The above episode discusses the NFL announcement of a new policy to penalize players who kneel during the national anthem. The announcement drew fresh attention to the century-old tightrope that outspoken black athletes — from Floyd Patterson to Rose Robinson to Colin Kaepernick – have had to walk in order to compete and live by their principles.

In the Janurary 2016 episode above, the podcast focuses on some of the police abuses at that time and their repercussions. 

In this episode, Keith takes another look at videos that have shown officers acting professional and with honor despite attempts to lie and discredit them.  Listener email will be answered, including one from the other side of the world.