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History of Women in the United States - HIST250 - Braun-Strumfels

History of Women in the United States

"Women and Power" Project assignment description - Part 1:

  • Start with the central question: how have women exercised power in U.S. history since the colonial period?
    • Develop a clearly-defined research question of your own.
  • Identify a set of primary sources from the textbook and library databases to form your analysis.
  • Locate secondary sources from the library databases to further your analysis.
  • PART 1 GOAL: Annotated bibliography of sources, list of relevant concepts.

While the final outcomes of this project will be a poster or video and a 6-page paper, this focus of this research guide is Part 1 of the project.


Goals of this guide:

  • Understand unique elements of primary sources
  • Develop keywords and clearly-defined research question
  • Find and evaluate primary and/or secondary sources from library databases
  • Begin to create an annotated bibliography


How to use this research guide:

The gray tabs represent different steps in the research process. Use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottoms of the pages to move between them, or click on a gray tab to jump to a particular page.