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DIY Usability Testing Kit

DIY Usability Testing Kit for Libraries

Why this kit? Who will benefit from using it? 

There are so many resources out there for usability testing of websites, so why do we need another one? This DIY Usability Testing Kit is aimed specifically at academic libraries. Much of the existing literature existing on usability testing in academic libraries consists of case studies, literature reviews, and other types of single-use cases. While these are undoubtedly helpful when planning your own usability testing, but this one delivers a practically out of the box kit that can be tweaked to fit your own institution's needs. 

It must be said that there are many great ready made useful and practical resources on usability testing including Steve Krug's books and website and much content from the Nielsen Norman Group. Because reinventing the wheel is not a good use of anyone's time, I will link to these outside resources that are essential for use in your own usability testing.