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Supply Chain Management - BUSI 114 - Spero

Resources for completing the research assignments for Prof. Spero's Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Research Strategies - start here!

In order to complete your group presentation and individual paper and presentation, you will need to gather information through research and draw conclusions based on what you learned. Your goal is to answer the questions posed by your instructor. You will not find simple answers to these questions by Googling them. Below are some strategies you should use when searching for information to help you address the assignment topics.

  1. Break down the topic into the smaller issues that you will need to research in order to understand the larger issue as a whole. 
  2. Research the smaller issues individually. Select keywords that describe the smaller issue to use when searching. 
  3. As you learn about the smaller issues, make note of new ideas or terms that are important. You may want to search for more information on those new ideas or terms.
  4. Begin drawing conclusions based on what you learned in order to address the larger topic as a whole. 

Do not try to search for the entire topic your instructor has given you. The goal of the assignment is to draw your own conclusions, so it is unlikely that you will find an answer by simply searching for the entire assigned topic. 

Break down the topic into smaller issues you can research

Research topics usually consist of several smaller issues or questions that you need to research in order to draw conclusions about the larger topic. 

For the group presentation, you've been given the topic:

"The impact of the 1980 federal motor carrier act on the Transportation industry and the resulting impact on supply chain decision making"

You should not expect to simply Google this topic and find an answer. There are several smaller issues that you will need to learn about in order to draw your own conclusions for your presentation. Try to break down this topic into smaller issues that you can research.