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Supply Chain Management - BUSI 114 - Spero

Resources for completing the research assignments for Prof. Spero's Introduction to Supply Chain Management

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Research Starters

These library databases will give you basic information to get started understanding the issues and your topic. 

Book and eBook Sources

Book sources are particularly useful for researching historical trends and changes over time in business and industry. Try using broad keywords when searching for books - imagine what the title of a helpful book would be and search for terms in that title. For example, to learn about the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, try searching the name of the act, but also search for terms like "transportation deregulation." 

Search by Subject

Subject headings are tags given to books and articles that are about a specific topic. Searching by "Subject" or "Subject Heading" will give you fewer results but they will be more relevant to the topic you are researching. 

These subject headings may be useful for supply chain research. You can combine subject headings with additional keywords to do very targeted searches if you are getting too many results. 

Start with these subject headings and then add relevant keywords to the search box at the top of the screen once you have results. 

Business Logistics

Supply Chain

Library Databases for Business, Company and Market Information