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Ophthalmology Resources

Ophthalmology Resources


As part of your curriculum in the ophthalmology program, you'll need to complete several research oriented projects, papers, and assignments. These assignments require you to find information that is trustworthy, reliable, and accurate. The library provides a great deal of resources that can help you to be successful in finding what you need.

Topics Related to Common Lens Aberrations

  • coma
  • radial astigmatism (AKA oblique astigmatism or marginal astigmatism)
  • distortion
  • chromatic aberration
  • spherical aberration
  • curvature of field

Keep in mind that searching many of these topics online will bring up information related to cameras which is not what you're looking for! The library has books that provide information about each of these topics, you just have to find the information. A good idea is to browse the tables of contents in ophthalmology books as well as peruse the index for your topic. Articles could also be an option, but they may be too specific for your purposes. When in doubt, seek help from a librarian!