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Principles of Management - BUSI 112 - Morris

Some Sources of Business News and Information

Here are some reputable sources of business news to get started. This is not a complete list and there are many more specific trade publications written for professionals in different fields.

Some business news websites require paid subscriptions. You can access many of the articles from these subscription websites through the library databases for free. Articles within the databases might not include all images that are on the news website, but you will be able to read the article text. Instructions for finding specific articles in library databases are in the section on this page, "Finding Specific Articles."

Trade Publications

Trade publications - including print magazines, online magazines, and websites by professional associations - are reliable sources of news that is specific to a particular field or industry. The websites of national associations for certain trades and industries will often link you to relevant trade publications.

Trade publications are also found in the Library's business databases. After searching for a topic, look on the side of your results for an option to limit results to Trade Publications.

Find Journals and Other Periodicals through the Library

Search Full Text Finder to determine if the library has a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper in a database or in print. 

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