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How to use this guide

This research guide is designed to help you find outside sources for Assessment and Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction, specifically for the Maté Writing Assignment.

The gray tabs will take you to pages with information on different parts of the research process. You can use the Next and Previous buttons at the bottoms of the pages to move between them. You can also follow the links below to a specific page if you want to skip around in the process--research is not linear, so sometimes you have to go back and refine, or sometimes you can skip a step and come back to it if necessary!

Your assignment

After reading Dr. Gabor Maté's "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts," you will complete the following steps and respond in a 3-4 page paper in APA format. This guide will focus on Step 3, but it also contains information on APA formatting and citations.

  1. Select a quote from the text and describe why it is meaningful to you. What does it mean on a personal level and how will this inform your work as a future Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor?
  2. Describe Dr. Gabor Maté's perspective on addiction recovery. How does it compare to other philosophies?
  3. Using the RVCC Library databases, find a research article that relates to your quote and incorporate its findings into your paper. For example, does this article support or dispute Dr. Maté's claims?