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Organizational & Technical Communication - COMM115 - Final Project

Research resources for the final project in Organizational & Technical Communication.

Use this guide to assist you in your research for the Final Project, presenting a case study of an organizational communication problem or challenge, its impact, and the most viable solution.

Developing Keywords

Remember back to the English I Information Literacy session in the library... finding the right words to search for your topic is a vital part of using the library databases to do research. Jump to the English I research guide to refresh your memory!

For your Organizational Communication class, the keywords you use will be specific to this field, and may be more technical than terms you used when doing research for English. Look for words in your textbook or on the assignment instructions for your final project! Try terms like "business etiquette" or "intercultural communication."

Search techniques

Because you have selected a specific case to study, some of your keywords will be pretty specific.

  • Make sure that if your company name is more than one word, that you enclose it in quotation marks: "General Motors." The same is true for any other phrase you use that has more than one word (like "business etiquette" or "intercultural communication.")
  • To combine the name of your company with the communication issue being studied, use the word AND. This will force the database to only find you articles that mention both or all of your terms: "General Motors" and "social media."
  • If one of your terms has multiple formats, consider using truncation. Putting an asterisk (*) after the root of the word will search for all forms of that word: ethic* will find ethics and ethical, cultur* will find culture, cultures, and cultural, etc.
  • To search for words that are near each other use n followed by the maximum number of words you want them to be apart. For example, gender n3 diversity will find you any article where the words gender and diversity are at most 3 words away from each other.