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Organizational & Technical Communication - COMM115 - Final Project

Research resources for the final project in Organizational & Technical Communication.

Choosing a topic

You may begin with a vague idea of what you want to research. Do some "pre-search" to narrow down your topic to something manageable. This can mean a simple Google search for your broad idea. Since you will be continuing your research and will have opportunities to evaluate info as you go along, it's okay to use the internet and sources like Wikipedia. The internet can be a great place to follow links and see connections between related topics.

During this initial exploration stage, keep an eye out for specific terminology and synonyms. These can help you later on when you are doing more targeted searching (see the next page for details).

If you want to use the library's databases to focus your topic, try one of our Research Starter databases, such as the two listed below.


Research Starter databases

Mind Map for Supply Chain Management


Opposing Viewpoints

Browse issues in Opposing Viewpoints


Global Issues

Browse issues in Global Issues in Context