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World Civilization II - HIST102 - Primary Sources

Primary sources available in the library or on the Internet relevant to World Civilizations from about 1500 to the present.

Resources in Library Catalog

eBooks on this list are only available to RVCC students, faculty, and staff and require a login with your G# and password.

El Libertador : Writings of Simon Bolivar

General Simon Bolivar (1783-1830), called El Liberator, and sometimes the "George Washington" of Latin America, was the leading hero of the Latin American independence movement. Although Bolivar never prepared a systematic treatise, his essays, proclamations, and letters constitute some of the most eloquent writing not of the independence period alone, but of any period in Latin American history (eBook).

Documents of European economic history: The process of industrialization, 1750-1870

This collection of translated documents is intended to help readers obtain a fuller understanding of European economic development by providing primary source materials.

The English in the West Indies; or The bow of Ulysses

After visiting the British colonies in the "West Indian Islands," Froude published his experiences and reflections in 1887.

Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean

Journal of Captain Cook's last voyage to the Pacific Ocean, on Discovery, performed in the years 1776-1779.

Journal of a voyage to North America

Charlevoix (1682–1761) was a French Jesuit priest, traveler, and historian. The journal contains geographical descriptions of North America, particularly Canada; together with an account of the customs, characters, religion, manners and traditions of the original inhabitants in a series of letters to the Duchess of Lesdiguières.

Liberian dreams : back-to-Africa narratives from the 1850s

In the early nineteenth century, the American Colonization Society was formed for the purpose of encouraging emigration of free blacks to Africa. This collection of historic documents illuminates the debate on emigration through the narratives of four black men who in 1853 traveled to the new black nation of Liberia. Their accounts offer surprisingly different views and insights on the young country and provide both endorsements and condemnations of the colonization effort.

Travels & adventures in Canada and the Indian territories; between the years 1760 and 1776

Journal kept by one of the leading pioneers of the British-Canadian fur trade following the British Conquest of New France; a partner in the North West Company, and a founding member and vice-chairman of the Beaver Club. In 1763–64, he lived and hunted with Wawatam of the Ojibwa.

Travel and adventure in the territory of Alaska

In 1864 the Russian government granted permission to the Western Union Telegraph Company to make a survey for a possible telegraph line extending from British Columbia through what was then called Russian America (Alaska)... One of the participants was Frederick Whymper, a young English adventurer, writer, and artist, who joined the expedition and wrote this book, one of the earliest and best accounts of Alaska during the transition from a Russian to an American possession.

Trial of Pedro de Zulueta, Jun., on a charge of slave trading, on Friday the 27th, Saturday the 28th, and Monday the 30th of October, 1843, at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London

Pedro José de Zulueta was put on trial at the Old Bailey for the crime of slave trading in 1843 and, after he was acquitted, he published a monumental tome about his trial in order to exonerate himself further in the eyes of the London merchant community. This dense work offers a valuable window on Spanish involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and British attempts at its suppression.

What is the Third Estate?

A political pamphlet written in January 1789, shortly before the outbreak of the French Revolution, by the French writer and clergyman Abbé Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès. It argues that the common people of France (the "third estate") constituted a nation on their own, and deserved equal representation as the other two estates, the clergy and aristocracy.

A voyage round the world : in the years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV

In the annals of Britain's naval history Anson's voyage of 1740-4 holds a celebrated place. The first formal attempt by a naval expedition to circumnavigate the world, it affords a striking story of hardship, disaster, mutiny, and heroism. Only one of Anson's squadron, Centurion, returned to England with its mission accomplished.

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